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Lubricants and greases.

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Replacing conventional petroleum products.

Since 1991, we’re North America’s first environmentally-friendly bio-synthetic lubricant manufacturer, helping customers:

  • Protect their community
  • Become environmental leaders
  • Increase productivity
  • Save money
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Zero reported failures in over 25 years.

Our greatest asset is the ability to manufacture high-performance, environmentally friendly lubricants and greases, ensuring you prevent:

  • Expensive accidental spills
  • Fines and cleanup costs
  • Fear and frustration
  • Liability for accidents

Works Across Multiple Industries

  • We are running RLI's bio-synthetic oils with confidence, as the only Formula Drift Car using sustainable fuel and lubricants
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    Kyle Mohan Owner and Driver at Kyle Mohan Racing
  • We need to offer our customers sustainable alternatives to standard lubrication. RLI provides a high performing solution
    Matthew Benz
    Matthew Benz Director of Sales, Carson Oil
  • We won our 7th World Championship totally lubricated with Renewable Lubricants.
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    Mark Thomas World Nationals Drag Race at Norwalk Speedway